Just wanted to Say Hi !

Hi Folks, my name is Manish, and I am the thought behind ‘Reviewdify.in’. I am a Training Manager by profession but a blogger at heart. I have been successful in creating a difference in the lives of my trainees and this is what triggered my interest to bring in that small change in buying habits of the online audience. This blog is on a simple mission of helping our readers with an unbiased reviews on some of the products and services which we use on a day-to-day basis. Reviewdify focuses on a wide section of products and services both online as well as offline and primarily caters to those section of audience who love to go through a lot of feedback and inputs before shelling out their hard-earned money. Our tagline says ‘Inspire your decision’ and would strive towards justifying the same.

Give me a shout on manish@reviewdify.in for any questions. I do reply 🙂

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