Make Money With Uber – Uberdost

By Manish  •  Nov 5, 2016 at 10:51pm  •  Earn Online, How To

Do you know that you don’t need to be driver to earn from Uber ?

Sounds interesting ? Read on..

Make Money With Uber - UberDost


Uber has been around for quite some time now and has reasonable well to capture Indian roads. Uber and Ola have competed fiercely against each other to enjoy the market share and they have really redefined the way we commute.

In one of my earlier post, I made a comparative study between these two giants on the basis of different parameters and revealed who the winner is ! That is of course my personal opinion 🙂


Last year, Uber faced a shortage of drivers and tried to incorporate various ways to attract good drivers to join the fleet of the aggregator service and eventually zeroed down to the old school but the most effective method

Affiliate marketing’

Uber started a program to monetarily reward those who referred good drivers and make money out of it and named it UberDost.
Under UberDost referral program, Uber pays Rs 5,000 per successful referral in Bengaluru, and Rs 3,000 in Mumbai and Hyderabad; the three cities where the program is operational. Uber says it now has over 5,000 Dosts, and the number is increasing on a daily basis.

How do I use it ?

Make Money With Uber - UberDost


If you want to refer any driver to Uber under the Uberdost campaign, you have to use the specially designed app for this program. You just need to install ‘UberDost’ app by visiting your google playstore.

Once you have downloaded the app, just give your referral details like name, vehicle number, license number etc. and Hola ! you are all set to get your referral amount.

Make Money With Uber - UberDost


Few important points to keep in mind:-

  • Complete the Uber driver partner on-boarding process and be a first-time driver partner of Uber
  • Sign-up as a partner with Uber using your unique referral link
  • Complete their 10th trip as a partner via the Uber platform within 120 days of your referral

One of the primary reason Uber has started the referral campaign is to expand its reach in the Indian roads as it is arguably one of their most prospering market.

Additionally, the app will also guide you in terms of the nearest on-boarding center for the new drivers to make the process even more streamlined.

Make Money With Uber - UberDost

Nearest Onboarding Center in Bengaluru

I have personally come across a lot of referrals who have been successful in making a handsome earning from this campaign. In fact, some of them have taken it as full time job !

It is however interesting to note that Uber is present roughly in just 26 cities in India, compared to rival Ola’s over 102 cities. Ola has their own methods of adding new drivers to their fleet using different marketing strategies. However, I strongly feel that UberDost is surely going to boost Uber’s earning in the long run.


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